The public launch of our project “Knowledge for Peace” took place from 22th to 22nd of March. The event series included a roundtable, an international dialogue workshop and a number of workshops and meetings for the project team.

Kicking off the roundtable, several members of the project team and advisory board discussed aspects of knowledge production in transitional justice in general and gave insights into the specific transitional context in which they work in Mozambique, South Sudan and Côte d’Ivoire. The following discussions focused on, among others, questions of whose peace are we talking about? Who sets the boundaries of knowledge and knowledge production? How do the practices of peacebuilding and practices of knowledge production relate to each other? How can competing narratives of the past find a legitimate space in the public discourse?

On Tuesday, the 21st of March we the followed up with an international dialogue workshop. In the workshop participants from Switzerland, the UK, South Sudan, Canada and Côte d’Ivoire discussed and exchanged on what knowledge means in their work, how they use knowledge, what counts as knowledge, what sources of knowledge shape their work, and how they interact with the larger knowledge communities they are a part of.

These exchanges will continue throughout the timeframe of the project and we expect new collaborations to develop as a direct result. More news will follow, including discussions in our forum.