Exchange with Dr. Bruno Charbonneau on knowledge production and peace

In this interview Dr. Bruno Charbonneau, Associate Professor of Political Science at Laurentian University and Director of the Centre FrancoPaix en résolution des conflits et missions de paix at the Raoul-Dandurand Chair in Strategic and Diplomatic Studies at University of Quebec, talks about questions of knowledge production and how they play into peace, peacebuilding and peace research. Dr. Charbonneau discusses which kinds of knolwedges he seeks to produce, how to research the boundaries of knolwedge, the exchange and interaction with policy-making, and his role as a researcher in such exchanges.


Knowledge production and the media: Interview with Sacha Meuter

In this interview podcast, Sacha Meuter from the Fondation Hirondelle, talks about the ways the Fondation Hirondelle engages in knowledge production, how it interacts and engages with different knolwedge communities, and how language diversity affects the goals of communication and knolwedge exchange. The interview is conducted by senior researcher Briony Jones.

Listen to the interview below.

Sacha Meuter

Archives as sites of knowledge production. An exchange with Trudy Huskamp Peterson

In this “Exchange with” podcast, Trudy Huskamp Peterson, President of the Archives and Human Rights Group of the International Council on Archives, explains in how far archives can be considered sites of knowledge production and how they can contribute to preserving diverse knowledges of the past but also limit the diversity of knowledge that is preserved.

swisspeace’ Dealing with the Past Program

The research project “Knowledge for Peace” is part of the Dealing with the Past program at swisspeace. Dr. Lisa Ott, co-head of the Dealing with the Past program at swisspeace explains what dealing with the past means for swisspeace and what activities the program supports.