Knowledge for Peace


The research project “Knowledge for Peace. Understanding research, policy and practice synergies” aims to improve peacebuilding practice by looking at how research and knowledge about peace and its components are generated and how the politics of knowledge production impact policy making. The project focuses on transitional justice processes in Côte d’Ivoire, South Sudan and Mozambique.

Peacebuilding is “ambiguous, elastic and politicised…as a concept and as a practice

Bush and Duggan, 2014: 304

Any fool can know. The point is to understand   

Albert Einstein

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Interview: Knowledge production and the media

Knowledge production and the media: Interview with Sacha Meuter In this interview podcast, Sacha Meuter from the Fondation Hirondelle, talks about the ways the Fondation Hirondelle […]

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Farewell to guest researcher Kuyang Logo

On Monday the swisspeace team bid farewell to Kuyang Logo, who is one of three PhD students under the Knowledge for Peace project and has been […]

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Successful project launch

The public launch of our project “Knowledge for Peace” took place from 22th to 22nd of March. The event series included a roundtable, an international dialogue […]

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